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All Good Local Rules Apply. No Application Fee. Community Builders Wanted.

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We are now accepting applications for our 2017 season.

Good Local Markets (GLM) is a growers-only and makers-only organization serving east Dallas and the greater metro area. During our March – December market season we feature food and non-food/ arts and crafts vendors who make or grow their own product. All vendors must come from the North Central Texas region within 150 miles of the market. Good Local Markets reviews all applicants to determine if a vendor meets our criteria and adds to the over-all quality and balance of the market. A GLM jury reviews ALL arts and crafts applications prior to approval.

Application Instructions:

  2. PLEASE COMPLETE THE 2017 APPLICATION AND SIGN VENDOR STATEMENT after reading rules and regulations.
  3. PLEASE GATHER ADDITIONAL MATERIALS NEEDED TO APPLY, i.e. permits, licenses*, photos of work**
  5. PLEASE WAIT FOR A RESPONSE; for food vendors this will be within 2 weeks. Arts and Crafts vendors will be contacted within 30 days.
  6. Applying to Good Local Markets does not guarantee acceptance as a vendor.

2017 Rules and Regulations – printable copy

2017 Food and Plants Application                                                             2017 Arts and Crafts Application

*Food vendors may require additional documents including but not limited to: a food handler certificate, commercial kitchen license, floral permit, or documents related to Cottage Food law. Vendors are responsible for knowing what their products require.

**Arts and Crafts applicants must also send photos or examples of your product, or a link to images online. Incomplete applications cannot be processed.

Application fee: A nonrefundable 2017 application fee of $30 is required for all applicants. Payment must be included with your application. Sending this fee does not guarantee participation.

2017 One-time Nonrefundable Application Fee, $30:


Food Vendors

GLM accepts food vendors from the following categories:

  1. Farmers and growers of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, and horticultural plants and goods.
  2. Farmers and ranchers with various meats, cheese and other dairy products
  3. Food Specialty, including but not limited to baked goods, candies, jams, jellies, spices, condiments, cheeses, eggs, milk, honey, and pasta.

 All food vendors who sell at GLM must grow, produce, or make 100% of what they sell. GLM excludes distributors from selling at the market.

2017 Application for Farmers, Plants and Foods

Arts & Crafts Vendors

Good Local Market events are JURIED MARKETS. All Non-Food/Arts and Crafts vendors are required to make 100% of the product they plan to sell. Non-food/Arts and Crafts vendors must submit pictures of their work. Good Local Markets is a juried market. Pictures and applications will be reviewed by the GLM jury before acceptance to the market.  Applying to Good Local Markets and sending in a non-refundable application fee does not guarantee participation.

2017 Application for Arts and Crafts

2017 Rules and Regulations

Good Local Markets Rules and Regulations apply to all market locations.

2017 Good Local Markets Rules and Regulations – printable copy

Tyler Street Market
Tyler Street Tower
927 W. 10th Street
Dallas 752o8

White Rock Market
9150 Garland Road

Dallas, TX 75218

Tyler Street Market (from March to December)

Tyler Street Markets will be held each designated Saturday from March to December. Every market will include food/farmers/growers and a selection of non-food, arts and crafts etc. Lakeside Market hours of operation are from 8:00 AM until 1:00 PM, unless different hours are announced ahead of time.


Vendors must stay for the duration of the market, even after sell-out.

Good Local Market is a “rain or shine” market, and does not cancel or reschedule market dates due to inclement weather. For the safety of vendors and customers, GLM may delay start time, or request that vendors break-down early due to weather disturbances or unforeseen circumstances.


All Vendors: If you do not plan to participate in a market, 48-hour notice prior to 8am on scheduled market date is required; otherwise you will be charged for your booth space for that day. Vendors who have cancelled pre-paid dates and missed the 48 hr deadline will not receive a refund. After three cancellations, GLM may remove you from the vendor roster and assign your booth space to another vendor.

Good Local Markets excludes distributors from participation. All vendors must make or grow what they sell. The selling of wholesale, resale, or any other unsuitable product will result in vendor termination. Vendors must disclose Corporate Ownership/ Identity of their business with their application to Good Local Market.

In limited circumstances, farmers may bring the produce of other farmers only with Market Manager approval. In such cases products shall be clearly marked with information to the consumer about where the product is grown or made.

Good Local Markets accepts food vendors from the following categories:

  1. Farmers and growers of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, and horticultural plants and goods.
  2. Specialty Foods, including baked goods, candies, jams, jellies, spices, condiments, cheeses, eggs, milk, honey, meats, and pasta.

Good Local Markets also accepts arts and crafts subject to review by GLM Jury.

Applying to Good Local Markets (GLM) and paying the application fee does not guarantee participation in the market. All GLM markets are juried events.

Non-Food Vendors Must Submit Photos: Due to the high volume of applicants to GLM, Arts and Crafts/Non-food vendors must submit pictures of their work along with the application and nonrefundable application fee. Pictures and applications will be reviewed by the GLM jury to determine eligibility and schedule. GLM will send an acceptance or rejection letter based on the decision of the jury. New vendors will be given one trial market before scheduling additional markets.

New Artisan Foods vendors will be asked to submit a sample of their product that can easily be sampled by market team. The product should be in the same packaging intended for sale at the market, and all labelling shall show ingredients and comply with applicable city/ state/ federal laws.

Nonrefundable 2017 application fee

All vendors: $30 for the season

Booth Fees:*

Specialty Foods/ Meat & Cheese/ value-Added: $30 per vendor/per market day

Produce/Egg Vendors*: $15 per vendor/per market day

Electricity (limited): $10 per vendor/per market day

Arts & Crafts: $40 per vendor/per market day

  • Food Vendors pay on the day of the market, unless other arrangements have been made. Note: After three cancellations of reserved spaces, GLM may remove you from the vendor roster and assign your booth space to another vendor.
  • Arts and Crafts Vendors must pay their booth fee two weeks prior to their accepted date(s) in order to secure their spot. Late payment will not be accepted after this date. Note: After three cancellations of reserved spaces, GLM may remove you from the vendor roster and assign your booth space to another vendor.

*A vendor shall be considered a produce vendor is 75% or more of their product is produce. Otherwise a vendor shall pay either $30 or $40 depending on what the vendor is selling in addition to produce. This determination will be made by Market Staff.

Booth Sharing:

Vendors may share a booth, however each vendor must apply separately and pay the full daily fee to market representatives.

Payment for FOOD VENDOR booth space will be collected on market day. ARTS AND CRAFTS vendors pay in advance.  If you do not plan to participate in a market, requisite notice is required. Failure to give notice will result in additional booth fees. Note: After three cancellations of reserved spaces, GLM may remove you from the vendor roster and assign your booth space to another vendor.(See 3. Cancellations.)

Season Prepay Discount

FOOD Vendors wishing to pay for their booth for the entire season, for the LAKESIDE LOCATION ONLY, will receive a 15% discount. Payments can be made with cash or check only. Season Prepay discount is not available to arts and crafts vendors.


Produce/ Plants/ Eggs:

2017 Full Price 38 markets: $570.00   2017 Season Pre-Pay Discount: $484.50

Artisan/ Value-Added Foods/ Meats/ Plants*:

2017 Full Price 38 markets: $1140.00*  2017 Season Discount: $969.00 *

*Please note that these amounts do not include electricity or fees other than per market vendor fee.

Electricity is reserved for vendors selling potentially hazardous foods, and is available on a limited, first come-first served basis. Vendors should indicate the need for electricity on their application.

No heaters or fans in booth: Electricity is NOT available for heaters and fans, or other appliances, unless pre-approved by market managers. Electrical cords must be carefully covered for safety.

A standard vendor space is 10’ x 10’. A vendor is not required to but may erect a tent over their assigned space. The tent should be limited to 10’ x 10’. Designation and allocation of vendor spaces are solely the responsibility and at the discretion of the market representative. While market managers make every attempt to maintain the same booth space for designated vendors, there is no guarantee that any vendor will receive the same spot at every market. Spaces shall be sold as the applications are received and approved, until the market is at capacity. Vendors needing electricity will be in a designated area of the market. If more than the 10’ x 10’ space is needed, vendors must get approval before market day and additional fees will apply.

Vendors must supply their own tents, tent weights, tables, chairs, signage, refrigeration, extension cords and power strips, storage, and all materials and containers for customer sales.

Market staff and volunteers are available to assist vendors throughout the market, however vendors must be prepared to set-up and break down supplies and be able to remove their own trash and manage supplies and products without the assistance of market staff.

Tyler Street Market: Vendors may begin arriving at 6:00 AM to set up and be ready to greet their customers for the opening of the market at 8:00 AM. Vendors must be completely set-up and must move vehicles out of market layout by 7:30 AM at the latest. (Holiday markets may have different hours and vendors will be given notice in advance of any changes.)

A vendor is not required to but may erect a tent over their assigned space. The tent should be limited to 10’ x 10’. If a tent is erected, each leg of the tent must be weighted with a minimum of 25 pounds. The weights must be tied securely to the tent with strong rope or bungees.

Umbrellas may also be used, but must be properly weighted with 50 lbs attached to the pole of the umbrella.

If any tent or umbrella  is not properly weighted-down in accordance with these rules, the tent must be immediately taken down at the request of a representative of the Good Local Markets. There are no exceptions to this rule.  If wind reaches 15 mph or over, market representatives will ask vendors to remove umbrellas and tent canopy, leaving tent frame.

Trash cans on-site are for customers only. Vendors must remove all trash and recycling from their booth and are responsible for taking their own trash and recycling with them from the market.

Vendors may not use dumpsters and/ or trash cans located at market to dispose of vendor trash/boxes, used jars, serving utensils, or any other trash.

No unattended merchandise, tents or supplies: Vendor products & supplies, including merchandise, tents and tables, must at all times be attended by Vendor or an employee or representative of the Vendor.

Merchandise and supplies may not be dropped off prior to market without any Vendor representative.

Property left unattended will be forfeited by vendor and become the property of Good Local Markets.

Vendors will park in designated areas.

Vendors shall determine the pricing of their products. Price fixing is not allowed and will result in a vendor being expelled from the market.

No smoking is allowed inside or near the market area. Open flames and/or coals are not allowed at the market.

Vendors shall, if applicable, have a Sales Tax Certificate or any applicable licenses and permits available for inspection at their market booth. It is the vendor’s responsibility to comply with the State Comptroller’s requirements for any products sold at all Good Local Markets locations.

Vendors shall be solely responsible for damages resulting from the sale of unsafe or unsound goods at the market.

All vendors must either A) name Good Local Markets, White Rock Local Market, The Green Spot, and Freedom LHV as additional insured and/or Lakeside Baptist Church and/or Half price Books and Vickery Meadow PID as additional insured on their general product liability policy or B) an Indemnity Agreement.  This Indemnity Agreement is located in the signature page of each application. By applying to sell at GLM markets, vendor is expressly agreeing to this condition.

Vendors are responsible for obtaining all applicable licenses and permits. Vendors shall comply with all applicable City of Dallas, State of Texas and federal ordinances and/or regulations regarding permits, sampling, and safe handling of potentially hazardous foods.

Must Provide Permits: Vendors must provide a clear copy of any applicable permits such as but not limited Food Handler Certificate, Certificate of Commercial Kitchen, Floral Permit. Vendors shall also keep all applicable permits on site during markets.

  • Cottage Law applicants must provide a clear copy of the following: 1) a copy of cottage law compliant label, Food Handler Certificate, and may be required to get a Neighborhood Farmers Market Temporary Food permit upon request of a Market Manager or employee.
  • Vendors Of Potentially Hazardous Foodsincluding but not limited to meats, cheese, eggs, milk products, and certain manufactured foods needing temperature control – will need a Neighborhood Farmers Market Temporary Food Establishment Permit (“NFM”)** from the City of Dallas Code Compliance. Vendor shall provide a clear copy of both the application and the permit from the City of Dallas to the Good Local Markets.
  • Vendors Who Intend to Serve Samples:   Any vendors serving samples shall also obtain and provide a copy of both the Application and the a NFM Permit** from the City of Dallas Code Compliance.

**Neighborhood Farmers Market (NFM) permit is obtained from City of Dallas Code Compliance, 7901 Goforth Rd Dallas, TX 75238, Phone (214) 670-8083, Fax (214) 670-8330. You will need an Acceptance Letter for each location of the Good Local Markets BEFORE APPLYING for the permit. You must indicate to the City of Dallas which location is the primary market you will attend, and which is the second or third market you will attend.

Good Local Markets staff may visit a vendor’s farm or place of production.

All vendors selling at Good Local Markets must agree to participate in the GLM Token Exchange Program, including the Credit exchange, Lone Star SNAP (food stamp) exchange, and any token exchange program initiatives GLM may begin in 2017. These programs allow customers to use their food stamp cards and/or their credit and bank debit cards to purchase tokens from market organizers and use the tokens as cash. Vendors who accept tokens during a market can redeem them for cash at the end of each market day at the information booth, starting at 12:30 PM until 1:15pm (Lakeside) . If unable to turn the tokens in on the same day, tokens can be held and turned in at any subsequent market. Tokens are in $1 and $5 denominations. Red tokens represent a Lone Star food stamp transaction and are for FOOD PRODUCTS ONLY.  Green/Blue tokens represent a debit/credit card transaction and are for ALL products.

All Vendors will participate in our Token Exchange Training sessions held at the market. Vendors must hold all of their employees accountable to the Token Exchange Rules at Good Local Markets.

Vendors may not discriminate against any customer based on their desire to use either green or red tokens. If a vendor is found to have done so, that vendor shall forfeit their participation and any payments made to all Good Local Markets and will be asked to leave the premises.

The market shall reserve the right to revise the Market Rules and Regulations at any time and shall give fair notice of such revision to vendors.

All 2017 Vendors at Good Local Markets are strongly encouraged to participate in all surveys and questionaires related to the GLM/ SMU data collection and evaluation project, including the Weekly Revenue Surveys handed out at each market.

Vendors are required to conduct their business and communications with Market Staff, Customers, other Vendors, and any other Market Representative, in a professional manner. Unprofessional, impolite or other disagreeable behavior to any market representative, vendor or customer will not be tolerated. If a Vendor is rude, ill-mannered, unprofessional, or difficult to work with, or receives excessive complaints from a customer, market staff, or other vendors, or if a vendor fails to follow any of the foregoing Rules and Regulations, the Market may terminate its relationship with that Vendor at any time at the full discretion of the Market or its Representative.

Violation of any provision of the Rules and Regulations shall be a material breach and default by the vendor. The Market Representative shall reserve the right to cancel any Vendor’s participation at any time if and when the Vendor shall be found to be in violation of any market rule or eligibility requirements.

All persons wanting to sell at the Good Local Markets must agree to the terms of these rules and show their agreement by signing the application and submitting other required forms, wherever applicable.