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 Good Local Markets (GLM) is a growers-only and makers-only organization serving east Dallas and the greater metro area. During our March – December market season we feature food and non-food/ arts and crafts vendors who make or grow their own product. All vendors must come from the North Central Texas region within 150 miles of the market. Good Local Markets reviews all applicants to determine if a vendor meets our criteria and adds to the over-all quality and balance of the market. 

A GLM jury reviews ALL applications prior to approval. Applicants are not guaranteed acceptance. 


All Vendors Must Review 2018 Vendor Handbook Before Applying


Our December 8th Holiday Market at White Rock Farmers Market is currently FULL!

Our priority is our regular farmers market vendors who are with us during the market season. Did you know our market occurs EVERY Saturday from March-December at White Rock Farmers Market? Our November 24th market which celebrates Small Business Saturday is a GREAT opportunity to be a vendor as well! Or give our market a chance for the rest of the season!!! Every Saturday we support LOCAL!! Sign up today and join the market family!


2018 Vendor Application

Please ensure that all portions of the application have been filled. You will know your application has been completed once it says "Thank You" on the screen. Please confirm you have sent in your application by emailing OR you can download a copy of the application here. 

Name *
Business/Farm Address *
Business/Farm Address
Describe who owns the business
*If any
*If any
Please list each type of product you would like to sell at the market. Please note that you may not bring products that are not listed on your application or permits unless granted permission from market management. GLM does not accept distributors. All products must be made or grown by vendor from within 150 miles of Dallas County. Corporate ownership must be disclosed. Farmers & other vendors should specify your growing methods (conventional/chemical free/organic/grassfed/etc.)
Priority is given to vendors that use all local ingredients/ materials in their goods. We encourage details about how and if materials/ingredients are sourced locally, if you work with other vendors at the market to source materials/ingredients, and if care is taken to package products with attention to sustainability/environmental awareness .
Market Location *
Please check all markets you are applying to.
White Rock Market Dates *
Check all market dates you are available for OR check "all dates". Dates are not guaranteed. Vendors must be accepted first, and are then are notified of accepted dates. Arts and Crafts vendors will be notified of acceptance for a particular date with at least one month of notice.
Paul Quinn Market Dates *
Check all market dates you are available for OR check "all dates". Dates are not guaranteed. Vendors must be accepted first, and are then are notified of accepted dates.
Electricity is extremely limited to those vendors who need temperature control. Electricity is not available for fans, heaters, or other appliances. Electrical spaces are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Please check YES if you need electricity.
Application Fee
$30.00 non-refundable application fee per season is due with application. Application Fee can be made by check (payable to Good Local Markets) or by PayPal (see button below form). How will you be paying your application fee?
PARTICIPATION AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT Good Local Markets reserves the right to DENY participation of any vendor for ANY violation of Good Local Markets’ Rules and Regulations. Vendors are responsible for the quality and safety of what they sell and agree to indemnify Good Local Markets for any claims arising from the sale of any products, the failure to obtain any necessary licenses or permits or the negligence of any vendor or their employees, representatives or agents. VENDOR STATEMENT By submitting this 2018 Vendor Application, I hereby acknowledge that I have read the 2018 Rules and Regulations and agree to abide and be bound by the 2018 Rules and Regulations. I further agree that I have obtained and provided copies of all necessary licenses and permits required to distribute or offer for sale all products listed on this application. FURTHER, I shall indemnify, keep and hold harmless GOOD LOCAL MARKETS (hereinafter “GLM”), and all agencies including LakePointe Church and Paul Quinn College, and employees from and against any and all claims and demands, whether for injuries to persons or loss of life, damage to property on or off the premises arising out of the use or occupancy of the premises by Vendor, and those injuries and damages arising out of Vendors acts or omissions, and shall defend, at Vendor’s own expense, any actions brought against GLM or any other person, employee, agents or organizations with which GLM has a contractual relationship. I have read and agree to the above vendor statement, and I have read and agree to the 2018 Good Local Market Rules and Regulations. Please include name of authorized representative, title, business name, and date. Accepted vendors ADDITIONALLY AGREE to sign a paper copy, "2018 VENDOR STATEMENT" (per City of Dallas rules) :
Application Checklist
Incomplete applications will not be considered. Some applicants may be asked to submit samples before acceptance. Please send application fee and clear copies of any required permits/ licenses to Good Local Markets, 9543 Losa Dr, Dallas, Texas 75218. Please check all that apply as part of your application (additional documents/permits may be emailed to

**Please hit submit on application before going to Application Fee.