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 Good Local Markets (GLM) is a growers-only and makers-only organization serving east Dallas and the greater metro area. During our March – December market season we feature food and non-food/ arts and crafts vendors who make or grow their own product. All vendors must come from the North Central Texas region within 150 miles of the market. Good Local Markets reviews all applicants to determine if a vendor meets our criteria and adds to the over-all quality and balance of the market. 

A GLM jury reviews ALL applications prior to approval. Applicants are not guaranteed acceptance. 


All Vendors Must Review 2019 Vendor Handbook Before Applying

Our 2019 Season is officially full for Body Care Applicants (this includes soap products).


The White Rock Holiday Market will take place on December 7th, 2019 from 8am-2pm at 9150 Garland Road.

We receive many inquiries regarding vendor spots for the ever popular White Rock Holiday Market, which serves as our final market of the year. Our priority for the White Rock Holiday Market is to provide booth spaces to our regular farmers market vendors who are with us throughout the market season. If you are interested in being a part of the holiday market on December 7th, please consider joining our market family during the market season first.


2019 Good Local Markets Vendor Application

Applicants Name *
Applicants Name
Business/Farm/Ranch Address
Business/Farm/Ranch Address
Phone *
LIST OF PRODUCTS YOU WOULD LIKE TO SELL: Note that once accepted you will be limited to the items listed in your application unless you obtain additional permission from GLM Market Management. All items sold must be made or grown by the seller within 150 feet of Dallas County.
Please list your process, technique and growing methods (if applicable. How did you learn your craft or trade?)
Please provide details about what materials/ingredients are used to make your product(s). Do you work with other local vendors who sell their products at Good Local Markets? We also like to know what care you take to use packaging that is environmentally friendly or reusable.
I am applying to the following market locations: *
I am applying to participate in the following market dates at White Rock Farmers Market:
Check all dates you are available OR check ALL DATES if you would like to be at every market of the season. Arts and Craft vendors once accepted will be notified of the dates they will be accepted to come at least one month prior to the market date. *Note you may work with the General Manager to change these dates throughout the season. Dates selected are not guaranteed but market staff works hard to accommodate all requests.
Does your booth require electricity? *
Electricity is limited to those vendors who must have temperature control for their “potentially hazardous product.” No electrical access shall be given to those vendors who can use non-mechanical means to achieve a safe product temperature, nor to those who have a generator, nor to those who do not absolutely require electrical connection for fans, heaters or other appliances. Spaces with electrical access will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis, and vendors will be charged a fee each time they access electricity at the market.
Application Fee *
$30.00 NON REFUNDABLE APPLICATION IS DUE WITH EACH APPLICATION. The application will not be considered complete until this fee has been paid. Application Fee may be paid through PayPal (see Payment Button below) or a check written out to Good Local Markets and sent to 9543 Losa Drive, Dallas, TX 75218.
GOOD LOCAL MARKETS reserves the right to DENY participation by any vendor for ANY violation of GOOD LOCAL MARKETS’ Rules and Regulations. Vendors are responsible for the quality and safety of what they sell and agree to indemnify GOOD LOCAL MARKETS for any claims arising from the sale of any products, they failure to obtain any licenses or permits, or the negligence of any vendor or their employees, representatives or agents. By submitting this 2019 Vendor Application, I hereby acknowledge that I have read the 2019 RULES AND REGULATIONS and agree to abide and be bound by the 2019 RULES AND REGULATIONS. I further agree that I have provided copies of all necessary licenses and permits legally required to distribute or offer for sale all products listed on this application. All the products I will distribute or offer for sale are raised, grown, made, crafted, processed, or produced or located within a 150-mile radius of Dallas County, and that I have made or grown all products that will be sold at the market and understand that I am not allowed to sell a product made by another person or business. I agree to act in good faith and to promote a healthy and harmonious market community. FURTHER, I shall indemnify, keep and hold harmless GOOD LOCAL MARKETS (hereinafter “GLM”), and all agencies including LAKEPOINTE CHURCH, and employees from and against any and all claims and demands, whether for injuries to persons or loss of life, damage to property on or off the premises arising out of the use or occupancy of the premises by Vendor, and those injuries and damages arising out of Vendors acts or omissions, and shall defend, at Vendor’s own expense, any actions brought against GLM or any other person, employee, agents or organizations with which GLM has a contractual relationship. I have read and agree to the above participation, agreement and Vendor Statement. I additionally agree to sign an additional agreement, entitled “2019 VENDOR STATEMENT” to comply with City of Dallas Rules for Farmers Market. Please enter your name below as a signature to this statement.
Application Checklist
Incomplete applications will not be considered. New vendors will be asked to submit samples of food products prior to acceptance. Arts and Crafts vendors will be asked to submit images or photographs of their products. Send application, $30 nonrefundable application fee (if paid by check) and clear copies of any required permits or licenses to GOOD LOCAL MARKETS, 9543 Losa Drive, Dallas, TX 75218. You may also email any of the above to to be included with your application.

Before you click to pay for your application, PLEASE make sure to click SUBMIT on your application!